‍The Future of NFT’s, and The Creator Economy ‍

Aptos is giving a new found opportunity for companies and creators to harness the power of the blockchain and web3 technology in a sustainable manner for the creator economy.

Joining a community of international builders that are dedicated to bringing crypto to the masses, ownership of your keys, the Aptos Blockchain is a perfect home for Resourceful and the creator economy to flourish within the coming years.

Creators now have the power to mint NFTs and bring financial prosperity to themselves by funding their art projects with NFT sales. The use of blockchain technology on Aptos, the world of blockchain has opened up to creators in a whole new way with the Mintdropz's smart contract platform.

Changing the paradigm forever, creators can launch their own NFT collection and mint out their favorite art as NFTs to fund their dreams without the assistance of engineers. Smart contracts are no longer the tools only built for developers. Creators now have access to smart contracts and also make an impact with sustainability and green NFTs using the Aptos blockchain.

The whole goal of what we are doing is by building a community of creators that are building sustainable NFT projects that can withstand the long term market conditions, but also bring empowerment and fans that can easily access this art in a reliable manner.

Making it easy for creators to simply launch their smart contract with the click of a button by just owning a tiny bit of seller to pay for transaction fees. The Minting platform allows creators to give access to their fans to mint off any website that is owned by them, that they can operate on their own domain.

Now, you can link these minting pages on every single website that you want to launch a smart contract. It's accessible on websites that are built by Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, or even code. It's a simple connection of a DNS server and your domain.

Launch your smart contract, connect your mid page and get to building your community today.

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