How Creators Can Get Started within Web3 and Still Make an Impact

For the longest time, creators have been undermined within Web3 because they don't have the tools accessible to them as developers do to launch smart contracts onto blockchains.

Today, with the power of Mintdropz’s smart contract platform and the partnership with Aptos, creators can now develop a green experience for NFTs Minting in a sustainable manner with low transaction fees with the ability to be sustainable with their transactions on the blockchain and impact millions at scale. 

Leading the journey for prosperity for creators, creators can deliver art that fulfills them and services their fans the best experience and also delivers sustainability to the world in a world full of blockchain applications that take more power and usage than your typical application. 

Minting NFT’s on Aptos blockchain is a way for creators to make an impact with their art and still deliver financial prosperity for themselves. With an international community of creators that are working on regenerative web3 experiences - Aptos becomes a no brainer.

Resourceful on the Aptos chain allows creators' own IP on the blockchain and leaves so much of a mystery for the future that can be tapped in by creators to launch their own NFT collections that can turn into full blown movie series, art specials, or creative projects with a click of button.

The Resourceful platform is designed for creators to have a seamless process into the world of NFTs.

Start your own NFT collection on Aptos today, at

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